Feliks Kogan
I do freelance design for some projects which are convenient for email / extramural communication with clients such as logotypes, branding, illustrations etc.  For sign-making, including full spectrum (banners, car wrapping, awnings, billboards, interiors, architectural design and so on) I can do consulting which include a learning of particular executed design with all of described technical conditions and then evaluating it from 1 to 10 as an expert, and it may looks like that, very laconically:

"order XXXX client XXX": 12(3)45678910 FK

So when rating is less than 7-8 and execution is poor, incomplete or aesthetically insolvent, I can work further with a particular project to fix an issue, to give direction to designer or discuss with designer a way of improvement, define a right conception or just limit a consulting process by rating exposure.

I charge $40 hourly* for consulting and $200* hourly for my own peculiar design of logotypes, illustrations, corporate style. Usually a  spent from 2 to 6 hours for logo, but it depends of complexity, quantity of revisions and variations, topic research etc.

Also, my special interest in freelance is 3D visualization of architectural structures and buildings with distinct contracts. If you would like to constantly give me these kind of works I will ask you to provide me with personal subscription to 3ds Max software, i.e. for 2 years period with prolongation if necessary.

* My hourly rate may vary