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Painting of diptych, 2009 |sold to prived gallery|
Feliks Kogan
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Феликс Коган
I am a Graphic Designer, Illustrator,
Architect and Fine Artist from New York City,
with over 25 years of experience within the
graphic design and visual arts industry.
Feliks Kogan © Copyright 2016. New York, USA
Client: Burstin Sinagogue, NY 2007
microstock, my gallery
Client: Glazier, NY 2004LIPSCO DMV poster/billboard, NY, 2001Poster. AJ-Madison, NYC, 2010Fashion discounrt chain , NY 2004, LOGOCARTOONCADDY Company logo, NYC-Washington, 2010Turret Builders company - LOGO, business card/identity. New York, 2011Modelling / rendering of sports shell (structural design by G.Kogan) 
 2007interior/exterior of 'Duane Reade' store, Times Square (Port Authority), NYC  2003Client: MTA NY, NYC transit,  2007; printedCar wrapping, project and production design.   2013, Piza-cafe in Brooklyn and Monsey, N.Y.Sign Company BPS, logo, business card, New York, 2008Banner for Walgreens,  drug retailing chain, USA 2013Logo for BPE-company, NY, 2013
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Mansion in Lockwood, NY, 2007
Modeling, design, rendering (building and landscape).
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$ 3850.00
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CANVAS 20x24
no frame, acrilyc, varnishedView in a room, sample
* I never duplicate my paintings, no copies.
Illustration, freelanceIllustration, freelance, 2009Vector illustration, freelance, 2009Illustration, freelance, 2009Logo, pictograph "Waitress". 2013Symbol "baby" from collection of icons for stock sale. 2008,2013Elephant, illustration. 2009
Stained glass window, cupola.

Client: Burstin Sinagogue, NY 2010
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