Price $3850.00 without shipping and delivery, no frame.View in a room, sample
Painting of diptych, 2009 |sold to prived gallery|

30" x 24" painting, 2016
Feliks Kogan
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Феликс Коган
I am a Graphic Designer, Illustrator,
and Artist from NYC,
with over 30 years of experience within the
graphic design and visual arts industry.
Feliks Kogan © Copyright 2019. New York, USA
Chandelier. Approved/fabricated
Client: Burstin Sinagogue, NY 2007
microstock, my gallery       |
Client: Glazier, NY 2004LIPSCO DMV poster/billboard, NY, 2001Poster. AJ-Madison, NYC, 2010Fashion discounrt chain , NY 2004, LOGOCARTOONCADDY Company logo, NYC-Washington, 2010Turret Builders company - LOGO, business card/identity. New York, 2011Visualization of sports shell (structural design performed by G.Kogan)  2007interior/exterior of 'Duane Reade' store, Times Square (Port Authority), NYC  2003Client: MTA NY, NYC transit,  2007; printedCar wrapping, project and production design.   2013, Piza-cafe in Brooklyn and Monsey, N.Y.Sign Company BPS, logo, business card, New York, 2008Banner for Walgreens,  drug retailing chain, USA 2013Logo for BPE-company, NY, 2013pictographLogo, 2008Logo for International Movement, the concept. Copyright (Feliks Kogan) NY, 2017.Bull, proposed motive for a logo.  2018ClipartDesign of a sign with adaptation of company's logo. 2016.Project for B&H store renovation, NYC 20122019, car wrapping designlogo, approved in 2018
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Mansion in Lockwood, NY, 2007
Architectural drawing (digital).
My paintings FOR SALE now:

$ 3850.00
Stretched linen canvas,  20"x24"
no frame, acrilyc, varnishedView in a room, sample
Stained glass window, cupola.

Client: Burstin Sinagogue, NY 2010
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Feliks The Designer
I do not collect an archive of my designs however can show some samples selected by Python random choice algorithm.

Usually, I perform thousand approved design projects per year in fields of

  • Visual identity graphic design
  • Marketing & advertising graphic design
  • Environmental graphic design
  • Art and illustration for graphic design
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